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    Skin Care in Huntington Beach, California
    Take care of your skin without surgery. Tsunami Wave™ of Huntington Beach, California, offers a natural skin care product that enhances your skin by changing its condition and providing much-needed nutrients. Order a 30 ml bottle with pump today for only $ 125. More information is available here.

    About the Serum
    Mozique Serum, a seaweed extract, contains pure mozuku fucoidan. It is extracted by a patent-pending process that assures its purity and integrity. It has been clinically proven to aid in the skin's healing, regenerating, and rejuvenating processes at the cellular level.

    Once applied on your skin, you immediately feel the dynamic absorption, giving your skin a truly long-lasting silkiness. Even people who maintain their skin well notice a big difference in hydration!
    What Is Fucoidan?
    Fucoidan is the slurry material found on the exterior surface of seaweed. Because it plays a major role in sustaining critical marine life, it acts as a remarkable protectant, is rich in nutrition, and has remarkable healing properties.
    Why Mozuku Fucoidan ?
    Mozuku is harvested from the Tonga Republic in the pristine environment of the Southern Pacific Ocean. Through scientific research, it has been proven to be the purest and more potent form of seaweed. It contains the highest levels of fucoidan essence. Because of the unique qualities found in this essence, it is often used in Japan and other countries as the main ingredient in the treatment of many degenerative illnesses.

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