How We Got Started

The "Clean Power Laundry Disk" was introduced in Japan in 1993.
At that time I was asked to conduct a feasibility study for the USA market. Originally it was a very crude and awkward looking product.

After several of my own marketing promotions I made design changes and started my own product in the USA.
Through ups and downs of making this product work in the USA market I came to three capsules with a flowing design.

I am proud to say of all the units sold very few were returned and more people are learning we don't need chemicals to clean clothes.

If you walk through the detergent aisle in the supermarket do you smell overwhelming chemicals ?
People don't stop and think of what it does to one's health. One should use water only first to find out how effective it is to clean clothes.

Tsunami Wave has changed my entire life !  
After 20 years not only do I not use detergent but I use alternative medicines as well.