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Chemical-Free Laundry in Huntington Beach, California
T-WAVE Cleaning of Huntington Beach, California, is proud to offer an all-natural, chemical-free laundry alternative! Our natural laundry solution provides better benefits to your family and the environment.


Natural Laundry Solutions
Finally, you can enjoy chemical-free laundry solution to better clean your clothes. Unlike traditional detergents, this universal solvent doesn't damage clothing and can be used for both your apparel and your skin.

Laundry Solution Instructions
Using your new solution correctly ensures the best results. See our instructions for care and make sure you're fully prepared in time for that first load of laundry.

We Also Offer Mozique Skin Care Products
Restore, regenerate, and rejuvenate your look with this natural skin care serum and enhancer. There's nothing like our solution, which is kept refrigerated to work perfectly for any skin type.